About ME!

I read and write since I was a child. The first “real” novel I devoured was “IT” by Stephen King.

I began to write shamelessly copying the King and the good RL Stine (author of the series “Piccoli Brividi”). The first story that came to light was a jumble of paradoxical situations, so confused that even my mother has ventured to tell me (I admit, I’m touchy). Fortunately, it’s over I do not know what part of my house.

I continued to write based on the passions of the moment. As a teenager I loved fantasy, so I also designed my imaginary world, ready to welcome stories and characters. I have many notebooks full of notes and excerpts of stories that are waiting for nothing but someone to put them together. Reading and writing have always accompanied me, supporting me during some dark periods of adolescence, in which I hid in my worlds to escape reality.

My dream has always been to live my passions, and who does not have it?

Unfortunately, my life has taken different paths, as has happened to many.

Only in 2014, I decided to resume the skein that surrounded me and unravel it. I discovered that I wanted to read, that I wanted to write, that I wanted to live out of my passions. From there the pace was short: after the literary blog L’Antico Calamaio, I opened this site where I talk about what I love most, writing in all its forms.

Not only. The life of a novel does not end with writing and publication but also includes the important phase that is often set aside: the revision.

Correction, editing, revision, rewriting, in any way you want to call this complex art, you must not forget it, leave it in a corner because so much who cares if there are typos.

The typos, the mistakes, the inconsistencies … are the death of a novel.
And this is precisely why my freelance editor activity is born. I want to help the authors improve their novel, be it self-publishing, or send it to a publisher.

I like to enter into a symbiosis with a writer, live in this world and think like him. I like to talk to the writer, to talk about his books, how he created them, I like to reach a common solution, I like when we can both say: “We did it”.

And I like the authors who, like me, put the soul in what they do. I’m humble, ready to pull me back if I dared too much, but I’m also very fussy. And I do not rewrite entire novels just to say: “I write better than you.”